First Attempt at Political Activism

So I know that there are many things out there more deserving of my time and effort, like saving whales, the environment, the poor, racism and gun control, etc…

I’ve decided to start something that is within my power and ability. Bare Breasts!

You should know that while in many states it isn’t illegal for women and men to be shirtless, there are ways that local governments and police can get around the state’s law and ban it anyway. On top of that, while it is legal for women to be topless in NYC, we can’t post those pictures on instagram.

As a trans woman I think quite often about the ridiculousness of these laws and prohibitions. So I’m starting an experiment. I’m going to begin frequenting parks (and eventually my university) on hot days and see how people react when I go topless(especially if there are men around.) I’ll be posting pictures of these excursions on facebook, along with general topless photos). As I am on estrogen and t-blockers my goal is to see at what point my chest becomes inappropriate.

Obviously I will need to be careful when and where I do this, as my license still marks me as ‘male” and that alone might be what gets me in trouble(or let off the hook.)

This is a small step toward larger things, and I’m one person. But we have to start somewhere.


Another Day, Another Massacre

It hurts that the title of this post rings true. Wednesday night when I saw trending on Facebook “Charleston Church Massacre”, I scrolled past it and didn’t give it more thought than: “Oh Not Again.”

That’s right. “Oh. Not. Again” This has been happening enough in the US that the extent of my outrage was “Not Again”, because after all nothing happening when 21 children were gunned down and nothing happened after Columbine, and the terrifying truth is that it is almost guaranteed that nothing will happen after this latest massacre.

Jon Stewart spoke to this very issue on the June 18th episode of The Daily Show. (He also spoke with Malala Yousafzai, a victim of extremism, an apt guest.)

Fox News has attempted to frame the shooting as part of the “War on Christianity“, and many others on the right are Attacking Obama for calling for Gun Regulations and continuing their baseless claim that “More Guns = Less Violence”

The shooter himself said he wanted to start a race war. He chose the Emmanuel African Methodist Church not because of religion, but because of hate. The AFME was a former stop along the Underground Railroad and has long been seen as a pillar of Justice and Equality. Claims that this was “Christian persecution” are lies, and if I thought the devil was real, I’d attribute the lie to him, but the only real devil is the evil that humanity is capable of.

Beyond the evil of action, their is the evil of non-action. Silence is Violence. The longer we remain indifferent, or simply indignant, nothing will change. How many lives have to be lost? How many Women, Men, and Children have to be lost, their lives destroyed and their families devastated before America wakes up and fixes it.

We have to stop sitting around and thinking “Not Again.”

We need, today, to resolve to make it “Never Again” by whatever peaceful loving means necessary. We must create a peaceful, ACTIONABLE solution. Gun Regulations, better race education and an end to poverty are just some of the things that need addressing.
And now this song about Love!

Olivia Jackson is a trans theatre artist, feminist-faith activist, writer, reader and anarchist.

Living in the World

Today Pope Francis released his Encyclical On the Environment  a document which I have only skimmed and read excerpts from, but will happily endorse.

Having been home-schooled in a Fundamentalist Evangelical environment I was led to believe that Climate Change was a lie, or at best a natural occurrence that was not affected by humans at all. There was no talk about what it meant to care for our home, to honor and love it. In fact I was told that “Mother Earth” was a concept created to keep people’s minds off of “The One True God” and that Earth Day was intended as a distraction from time spent focusing on Jesus.

So it is extremely refreshing for me to read the words of the leader of one of the largest Christian denominations and have them be positive, after all it isn’t very often amongst more conservative branches of Christianity that we see “Mother Earth” spoken of with respect instead of denigration as a “pagan goddess.”

As a Christian with strong Pagan & New Age leanings, I am thrilled to be here (Living in this World) when this was published. Now we need to act on it and fix things! No more destruction, nor more death,

Create a Living Sustainable World, Don’t Kill it!

Olivia Jackson is a trans theatre artist, feminist-faith activist, writer, reader and anarchist.

Trying Again

Recently I attempted to start a blog on tumblr. ( After posting for a short time I realized that tumblr is not the appropriate platform for what I want to say and do. My friend Zach Heider, author of Inkwell, Incsuggested I switch to wordpress. So here I am. Future blog posts will hopefully focus on how together we(read: humanity) can create solutions to alleviate and maybe even fix the problems of our world. Today however is about introduction.

My name is Olivia Jackson. I was assigned male-at-birth and I now identify as trans-female. I’ve been in transition since August 2014, I attend Butler University for Theatre, Creative Writing and Gender & Religious Studies. I consider myself a New Age Pagan Christian Anarchist Feminist.

And now the long version… Continue reading