First Attempt at Political Activism

So I know that there are many things out there more deserving of my time and effort, like saving whales, the environment, the poor, racism and gun control, etc…

I’ve decided to start something that is within my power and ability. Bare Breasts!

You should know that while in many states it isn’t illegal for women and men to be shirtless, there are ways that local governments and police can get around the state’s law and ban it anyway. On top of that, while it is legal for women to be topless in NYC, we can’t post those pictures on instagram.

As a trans woman I think quite often about the ridiculousness of these laws and prohibitions. So I’m starting an experiment. I’m going to begin frequenting parks (and eventually my university) on hot days and see how people react when I go topless(especially if there are men around.) I’ll be posting pictures of these excursions on facebook, along with general topless photos). As I am on estrogen and t-blockers my goal is to see at what point my chest becomes inappropriate.

Obviously I will need to be careful when and where I do this, as my license still marks me as ‘male” and that alone might be what gets me in trouble(or let off the hook.)

This is a small step toward larger things, and I’m one person. But we have to start somewhere.

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