I’m (Not) the same person I always was!

When I first was coming to terms with being "transgender" I spent a lot of time reading about ways to "come out" to family and friends. The dominant advice for dealing with problematic family was to make sure they knew that you were still the same person. I've seen this in many articles and on … Continue reading I’m (Not) the same person I always was!


A Progressive Christian Defense of Planned Parenthood

I just want to endorse this message.

Approaching Justice


A number of progressive Christian authors have come out in opposition to Planned Parenthood and abortion rights or they have wanted to give voice to the moral ambiguities involved in the issue. The latter I respect. But as a progressive Christian I wanted to offer an alternative position. One which affirms and supports the work of Planned Parenthood and the importance of access to reproductive health care.

I write this as a gay man. As someone who can never become pregnant. And as someone whose knowledge of women’s reproductive health needs are limited. And yet I find a continuity between LGBT equality and reproductive justice. Both relate to not just bodily autonomy but the ability to determine the shape of our lives. And it is not an accident that it is the same folks who are working to restrict both. A kind of violence against the integrity of the person…

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