Here we are again.

A few weeks ago I made a post stating that I had changed my mind about voting for Bernie Sanders and was instead going to vote for Hillary Clinton. The reasons I gave for changing my mind are still entirely valid. But over the past few weeks, I’d had to consider whether or not she is the better candidate. The way this campaign trail has been shaping up, Bernie says something, gives a policy statement or whatever, and then a week or two later Hillary says almost the same but a bit more eloquently. I say almost because Bernie says “I want college to be tuition free.” but Hillary says “I want college to be affordable.” There is a big difference between being affordable and being free.

I want a woman in power, and I do think that Hillary would be good, but Bernie’s consistency, his refusal to be bought, and his lack of friends amongst the corporations and banks that are ruining our country leads me to believe him to be the better candidate.

So I’m leaning towards voting Bernie in the Primary and hopefully General, but if necessary I will vote for Hillary Clinton.

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