Theology Thursday: The Abusive Savior

(A bit ago I began my new series Trans* Tuesday, Today I’m starting Theology Thursday. Again these might not be weekly, but I will try. My goal will be to talk about issues that are important to me and have a bearing on our society at large.)

At the beginning of July I attended a New Age Full Moon celebration in Cincinnati, Ohio. The point of the evening was to celebrate  and thank the Earth for her bounty, for Love, Equality, and Joy. Most of the evening was spent dancing in a large crowd surrounded by drummers. At sunset the dancing was halted for a group prayer and healing circle. All those who were struggling in anyway or needed healing were called to the center, and those who practiced healing or felt called created a inner ring around those in need, the rest of us forming a larger outer ring.  This healing circle felt not unlike the alter and healing calls that charismatic and evangelical churches often do. The main difference being that there was no expectation that anyone in the inner circle was “being saved” or even fully completely totally healed. It was about the community, the energy, and the love flowing between all of us. For me it was a fulfilling experience.

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Create, Don’t Kill: Why War Needs to be Declared a Crime Against Humanity

I’m going to start off this post by asking that you take a look at these photos of the refugee crisis.
(Warning: The images are graphic and depict drowned humans. This is your Trigger Warning.)

The only proper reaction to seeing these is some sort of visceral reaction. Looking at the dead men, woman, and children should tear you up inside. You should want to look away, to forget. Because it shouldn’t be happening.
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Humans of Butler and GoFundMe

So this is a bit of self-publicising…

I was recently featured in Humans of Butler, a student run collection of stories and pictures from the Butler University community.

Here is the link. I’m glad that this happened because the little interview brings more visibility to trans people, and the more visibility the harder it is to say we don’t deserve rights. So this is awesome.

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Two Weeks into Senior Year

So University has started up again. And while I may be taking the fewest credit hours I’ve ever taken in a semester, that being 12, I quickly realized that doesn’t mean I’m any less busy. This year I’m taking Voice for the Actor(again), Directing for the Stage, Senior in Theatre Capstone,  Audition Portfolio, Mysticism, and Professional Theatre Practices(which is the all encompassing credit for stage performances, technical positions, and all BtS work.) In addition to those things, I’m also an active member of Demia, butler’s student feminist organization, and the Vice President of our LGBTQ Alliance. And I’m also active in TWO campus ministries, and am doing research into the other campus ministries in preparation for being the Interfaith Intern in the spring. So I’m busy as Gaia!

So yeah.

What else is there.

It’s been 2 years and six months since my partner and I started dating. (A Good thing!)

My “gender dysphoria” made a come back. (Not a  good thing, I’ll be writing about this at length in the near future.)

I found a wonderful Unitarian Universalist Church 8 minutes away from campus. They run on solar energy, have their own community garden, a little park, and spaces for outdoor Pagan worship. Plus their message is so all inclusive and loving, that well I’m in love. (A VERY good thing.)

Also, I got a call back for auditions for this falls mainstage shows, so I’m excited about that.

I know I’m probably forgetting something, but keep a look out and you will hear my voice again.