I am Christian
In that I believe in the transformation of the world through service to one another and seeking unity in Cosmic Love, which I call Christ.

I am Satanist
In that I challenge authority for authority’s sake, just because one may be the origin of something doesn’t mean they have the unquestioned right to control it and everything connected to it.

I am Pagan
In that I believe everything is sacred, that life is a cycle, and that we need to be spiritually and mythically connected to the land on which we live.

I am Progressive
In that I am open to new ideas and new ways of doing things and am optimistic that there is a progressive spiritual drive toward unity & diverse community in the Universe.

I am Radical
In that I believe in consistently challenging the status quo and getting to the root of our world’s problems.

I am Socialist
In that I believe the world needs to be reoriented towards a moral economy centered on individual and community self-determination and equal access to all resources.

I am Feminist
In that I believe in the complete equality of all people, regardless of ability, gender, sex, race, age, ancestry, etc…

I am Creationist
In that I believe in the power of creating things. Creating art is one of the most powerful things us human animals can do. Art, when done well imitates the process of creating life and bares all its mysteries. Art when done is pleasant, garish, beautiful, ugly, haunting, and shallow all at once. Art is eARTh. Art is necessary.

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