“Which Chains”

This is a poem I wrote for Trans Day of Remembrance 2016, and also partially in response to the presidential election.
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Learning and Serving through Interfaith Work

The following is derived from a blog post I wrote for my CFV internship this past winter-spring. The original is posted on their website, here.

This past Jan-April I had the pleasure to serve as the Interfaith Intern for the Center for Faith and Vocation at Butler University. For me this has meant a lot of things; for one, it means that I got a position I really wanted. Ever since I was really young I’ve wanted to be involved in religious activity in some way and while that may have waned to an extent during my time at Butler, during my senior year it became an extremely important part of my life and my academic study. Continue reading

The Speech that got my friend arrested.

The following is from a friend of mine, in Indianapolis, Indiana – one of the epicenters of fascist violence in the US.

As some of you may have heard, I’ve recently been released from being locked up in the men’s processing center of the Marion County Jail. Which, as a non-binary trans person with gender non-conforming proclivities, would not have boded well had I not had the company of good comrades nearby, and the knowledge that people were still fighting for us on the outside. Also, there were neo-nazis. So there’s that. And to top it all off, I’ve been repeatedly deadnamed in the media. So, please, don’t read the names of the arrests, out of respect for me as your friend and as a person. But, in its full, uncut glory, I present to you the call-to-arms I issued last night:

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