The Proletariat of the 21st Century

Trash Mammal Manifest

The history of all hitherto societies is that of the contradictions between classes, and the struggles between said classes, whereby one class imposes its collective will over another. In the case of capitalist societies, the bourgeoisie over the proletariat; in the case of socialist societies, the proletariat over the bourgeoisie. This is not to say that class contradictions cease to be when one class overtakes another, as such an assumption would be unrealistic: class struggle is constant. But the form in which this struggle is manifested changes from era to era. In the modern age, as I write this in 2017, we see that the proletariat of old – the factory worker, the burly Industrial Worker of the World in his overalls of yore – has become the labor aristocracy of now. The proletarian of the 21st Century is now more likely to be non-white, non-male, and likely with questionable…

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