The Speech that got my friend arrested.

The following is from a friend of mine, in Indianapolis, Indiana - one of the epicenters of fascist violence in the US. As some of you may have heard, I’ve recently been released from being locked up in the men’s processing center of the Marion County Jail. Which, as a non-binary trans person with gender … Continue reading The Speech that got my friend arrested.


Truth Hurts.

President’s, College, the American Dream…what do they have in common? They are all bullshit and I’ll tell you why! Source: Truth Hurts.

Black Lives Matter: A Reading List — Longreads Blog

This week’s reading list has three parts. Part One features Black authors writing explicitly about anti-Black police brutality. Part Two features Black authors writing about subjects other than police brutality, because maybe it’s in your best interest not to subject yourself to more mental anguish than is necessary, and because Black people deserve to write … Continue reading Black Lives Matter: A Reading List — Longreads Blog


I am Christian In that I believe in the transformation of the world through service to one another and seeking unity in Cosmic Love, which I call Christ. I am Satanist In that I challenge authority for authority's sake, just because one may be the origin of something doesn't mean they have the unquestioned right to … Continue reading I AM


TRANSform is a new student movement comprised of Trans* students and allies at Butler University. We formed in mid-march of 2016 in response to the lack of response and initiative from the University regarding the needs of Trans* students. Having spent months in fruitless conversations with administrators regarding gender-inclusive restrooms, pronouns, gender identity, names, and … Continue reading #TRANSformBU