About Me!

Who are You?
I’m a revolutionary communist and a druid. I’m trans and agender.

What is Communism?
Communism is the movement of the oppressed to achieve liberation from all forms of domination. This includes liberation from bosses and One-Percenters like Jeff Bezos who make an average of $107 million per day, while the rest of us either struggle from paycheck to paycheck, work in forced labor conditions like sweatshops and prisons, or live under utterly corrupt regimes daily exploited by countries like the USA and EU.

What is Druidry?
I follow a Druidic path as a way of reclaiming my Irish, British, and French ancestry. Druidry seeks to reconnect humanity with Nature and to learn from the way plants, animals, and other organisms naturally grow and interact with each other in order to foster an ethic of sustainability and harmony with all life. It means opposing those systems and powers that destroy forests for oil and farmland, that raise and slaughter animals in the billions for food, that crowd children and young adults in classrooms to memorize facts, figures, and statistics instead of experiencing the living, breathing earth, and it means owning up the atrocities committed by people of European descent in their pursuit of profit and earthly domination and seeking integrity outside of that greed. It is a spirituality of honoring life, of honoring wisdom and and justice, and honoring harmonious community.

Who are the Oppressed?
The oppressed are the Workers, People of Oppressed Genders (like Trans Folks, Women, Non-binary folks, and people in the varied gender arrangements worldwide,) Afro-Amerikans, Indigenous Amerikans, and colonized people everywhere, Disabled people, the Elderly, the Youth, the Illiterate and Undereducated, the Homeless and Houseless.

What does liberation look like?
Liberation will mean the removal from power of the 1% and their political and corporate allies, and the creation of a political power based in the economic power of the oppressed.

Further Reading:

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