Poverty and the 2016 Elections

There is a poverty epidemic in the U.S. It is ridiculous and huge. The U.S. is number 1 in the “developed” world for homelessness, hunger, etc… And it isn’t for lack of funds, if we were to cut military spending, not eliminate it from the budget, but drastically reduce it, we could divert that money toward programs that would lift the poor out of poverty and allow them to actually live out their Rights.

One of the more influential people in this process will be the next POTUS, a person who, ideally, represents the will of the American people. It is pretty early in the election cycle, with only one public debate having been held so far(August’s Republican Primary Debate), so the stance of the candidates on many of the issues remains hazy. However thanks to the Circle of Protection we have video of several of the candidates elaborating on how they would combat poverty in the U.S. I’ve organized them based on how helpful the idea might be, from worst to best.

Sources: [1] [2]

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